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  • BuzzyBeeAteMyPancake

    Hello, everybody! This is another question thats been in my head, and it's about Leopardstar this time! For a while now, I've known that Leopardstar lost her ninth life because of diabetes. No-one knew about it, and I doubt that the Clans know about things like diabetes. I think that diabetes is something to do with too much sugar, high blood pressure, and lack of insulin. As far as I know, a cat dying from diabetes has never happened in the Warriors series before! So, how did Leopardstar even get diabetes in the first place?

    Theory One: Too Much Fish.

    Ok, so because Leopardstar is in Riverclan, she mainly eats fish. But all of the other cats in Riverclan eat lots of fish, and they don't have diabetes! (They might do, but we might not know ab…

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  • BuzzyBeeAteMyPancake

    So, Ravenpaw, how did he die?

    A few days ago, I found out on the Warriors Wiki that Ravenpaw was dead. I almost cried. He was one of my favourite characters, and it was sad to see that he was dead. But one question I have thought about for a few days is: How did he die? Here are some possible theories.

    • Old age
    • Disease from eating a mouse
    • Murder (remains of Bloodclan, maybe?)
    • Thunderpath
    • Injury/ wounds
    • Choking (on hay, or mouse bone)
    • Diabetes (Leopardstar died of it)

    That's all of the theories that I could think of. What do YOU think killed Ravenpaw? Leave a comment!

    Also, is Barley still alive?


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