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  • CC.Shempai

    Why Firestar?

    November 29, 2015 by CC.Shempai

    Ok, we know this popular kittypet turned into a warrior. FIrestar, of course! He is the main main main main main main main main main character in the whole series. But as you can see, the topic today is *drumroll please*

    Why Firestar?

    Let's do a quick scan of all the books. 

    Firestar's family is really just a typical cat family. But as you can see in Tallstar's Revenge, Talltail traveled with Jake, a kittypet who seemed to have a spark of interest in this unfamiliar warrior world. Jake was a soft kittypet, but had a blazing determination to do what was best. This kittypet turned out to be Firestar's father. As we look on the family tree, there is also Scourge as his half-brother, making them kin. As we know, Scourge's first name was Tiny. On …

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  • CC.Shempai

    Dovewing's Love Theory

    November 28, 2015 by CC.Shempai

    Dovewing is a popular cat, known for her part in the Prophecy of the Three. Right?

    But why did she break up with Bumblestripe?

    Let's do a a quick rewind back to the series:

    Okay, we all know that Dovewing and Tigerheart were in love. They were secretly sneaking off to meet each other, since they didn't have the oppurtunity to meet each other, being in different Clans. So one day, Dovewing finds out that he was training in the Dark Forest. So she doesn't trust him, and says they are in different Clans, and rejects Tigerheart. Bumblestripe was secretly in love with her since the beginning, and then in The Last Hope, they become mates. But in Bramblestar's Storm, even though Dovewing rejected Tigerheart, they are seen fighting a badger together.…

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  • CC.Shempai

    Okay, we all know Tigerstar, the ambitious cat that wanted nothing more than power. He was the typical bad guy in the story, the one that wanted to take over all the Clans and such, and to get revenge on ThunderClan for not being leader. Right?

    But...what if Tigerstar wasn't evil?

    Let's go back to Bluestar's Prophecy.

    In Bluestar's prophecy, he was a kit. And remember Thistleclaw, that spiky furred mouse-brain that annoyed the heck out of me? (I don't even know what Snowfur found in him. *cough cough* Sorry Snowfur!) Thistleclaw was the cat that Bluestar had compete with to get the deputyship back then. But, also there was the prophecy. She had to get the deputyship, because Thistleclaw was thirsty for battle, putting bloodshed all over Thunde…

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