Dovewing is a popular cat, known for her part in the Prophecy of the Three. Right?

But why did she break up with Bumblestripe?

Let's do a a quick rewind back to the series:

Okay, we all know that Dovewing and Tigerheart were in love. They were secretly sneaking off to meet each other, since they didn't have the oppurtunity to meet each other, being in different Clans. So one day, Dovewing finds out that he was training in the Dark Forest. So she doesn't trust him, and says they are in different Clans, and rejects Tigerheart. Bumblestripe was secretly in love with her since the beginning, and then in The Last Hope, they become mates. But in Bramblestar's Storm, even though Dovewing rejected Tigerheart, they are seen fighting a badger together. Later on in the story, it is discovered that Dovewing and Bumblestripe aren't mates anymore. The point is:

Does Dovewing still love TIgerheart? Why did she accept Bumblestripe instead?

Put your thoughts in the comments below!

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