Okay, we all know Tigerstar, the ambitious cat that wanted nothing more than power. He was the typical bad guy in the story, the one that wanted to take over all the Clans and such, and to get revenge on ThunderClan for not being leader. Right?

But...what if Tigerstar wasn't evil?

Let's go back to Bluestar's Prophecy.

In Bluestar's prophecy, he was a kit. And remember Thistleclaw, that spiky furred mouse-brain that annoyed the heck out of me? (I don't even know what Snowfur found in him. *cough cough* Sorry Snowfur!) Thistleclaw was the cat that Bluestar had compete with to get the deputyship back then. But, also there was the prophecy. She had to get the deputyship, because Thistleclaw was thirsty for battle, putting bloodshed all over ThunderClan if he was leader.  And then Tigerkit got Thistleclaw. So let's get straight to the point.Thistleclaw trained Tigerstar very hard, and most of all, to be ambitious out of all things. And as we sum it all up, here lies the question:

What if Tigerstar wasn't evil, and didn't get Thistleclaw as a mentor?

Put your thoughts in the comments below!

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