Ok, we know this popular kittypet turned into a warrior. FIrestar, of course! He is the main main main main main main main main main character in the whole series. But as you can see, the topic today is *drumroll please*

Why Firestar?

Let's do a quick scan of all the books. 

Firestar's family is really just a typical cat family. But as you can see in Tallstar's Revenge, Talltail traveled with Jake, a kittypet who seemed to have a spark of interest in this unfamiliar warrior world. Jake was a soft kittypet, but had a blazing determination to do what was best. This kittypet turned out to be Firestar's father. As we look on the family tree, there is also Scourge as his half-brother, making them kin. As we know, Scourge's first name was Tiny. On Bluestar's Prophecy, he was bullied by the other cats for his weakness. He was seen crossing the ThunderClan border as a kit, and Thistleclaw and Tigerpaw ambushed him. Perhaps this is why he grew to hate all the clans, for his puny size, and being underestimated. So, this is probably why Firestar was chosen, because StarClan saw how his family was, each with the interest of things beyond the forest. Now, the question is:

Why was Firestar the one prophesized to save the Clan? Why wasn't it any other cat in particular?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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