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  • CXuesong

    I recently wrote a Tampermonkey script that allows wiki contributors to cite from Kate's BlogClan in an easier fashion, that is, a button will appear aside from each comment, and if you click the button, the following text will be copied to your clipboard

    • Ensure the script has been enabled via "Installed Scripts" tab.
    • Open a new tab, navigate to an article on BlogClan, and you will see the changes.

    That should work, and I hope it will be handy for you.

    For more information, please visit [1].

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  • CXuesong

    What does "Roach" mean?

    September 15, 2016 by CXuesong

    Frankly it's totally out of my expectation…

    Conclusion#2: I can expect an earlier response on BlogClan than on CakeBook XD

    Original text

    So now I come across the problem when translating page Roach. As can be found in the dictionary, it can either be cockroach or a type of European fish, so this is the question. I guess many of you might have a better grasp than me, so, would you help me out of this?


    For now we have reached to a consensus that for kittypets, the names will be translated by English pronunciations, and that for clan cats, loners, and rogues, the names will be translated by their meanings.

    So this name might have to be translated by pronunciation, though other wiki translators among us tend to choose "fish" now. We still cannot …

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  • CXuesong

    I've heard from a friend that there's someone who left an interesting message on Kate's Facebook, and after checking her Visitor Posts, I found a post written by Grant, not long ago.[1] I think he might want to make a film out of this. Up till now, there's no public response to the post.

    Uhmm, my question is, what, in your opinion, is the possibility of it getting started?

    The first book series appeared in 2003 or so, but since then , it seems that no official film / animation has been produced. I guess it might be because some scene, without proper care taken of, may undergo some kind of censorship, and how the box office will be is still unclear. Therefore, I used to think there's little chance for Warriors to be made into a film.

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  • CXuesong

    I have been programmed modules and templates while waiting for other tasks running on my PC, and it turns out those "tasks" are really time-consuming XD

    So for now I've setup perquisite modules and these two templates:

    They can be used on various articles to show translations. For example the glossary on Warriors Translations is now powered by , and I've sneakly (XD) put a on Cat. It seems that everything worked out fine, so now there're two things yet to be done.

    Before that, as you can see from the glossary, currently I've placed the terms of following types:

    • Common words: Common Warriors-related words. E.g. cat, apprentice.
    • Series names: Plus Warrior Cats. E.g. The Prophecies Begin.
    • Volume names: E.g. Into the Wild, Fire and Ice.
    • Clan names: E.g…
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  • CXuesong

    When editing Warriors Translations, I thought if it was possible to build a template or LUA module to provide a more convenient and elegant way for contributors to put on translations of different phrases in various languages. I mean, I wonder if we can build a template so the translations data can go into it, and not only can the template or module then be included or invoked on Warrior Translations to generate a table of translations, but also it can be used on different character and book pages, respectively, to show different translations of the name.

    This is only a rudimentary idea, and I hope it will be useful. Anyway, I think I'll work on it whenever I'm free… Maybe on some Wikipedia sandboxes, at the beginning.

    Btw, I'm looking forward to …

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