I recently wrote a Tampermonkey script that allows wiki contributors to cite from Kate's BlogClan in an easier fashion, that is, a button will appear aside from each comment, and if you click the button, the following text will be copied to your clipboard

<ref>Revealed on [ Kate's blog].</ref>

At the beginning, it's only used by myself; after a slight modification, I think maybe I can introduce this script to Wikia contributors ;-)

If you're interested in it, here's a simple (I hope) guide for Chrome. I guess for other browsers, the steps are much alike

  • Install Tampermonkey plugin for your browser.
    • It supports major browsers, except IE. (But Edge is supported.)
    • You can download this plugin from
  • Enable the plugin, then goto its dashboard.
  • Switch to "Utilities" tab.
  • Choose to import from URL. Fill the following link, then click "import"
  • Ensure the script has been enabled via "Installed Scripts" tab.
  • Open a new tab, navigate to an article on BlogClan, and you will see the changes.

That should work, and I hope it will be handy for you.

For more information, please visit [1].

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