As the post on Facebook mentioned below hasn't been officially replied since July, 2016, it's well possible that the plan, if ever exists, might have been cancelled.

I've heard from a friend that there's someone who left an interesting message on Kate's Facebook, and after checking her Visitor Posts, I found a post written by Grant, not long ago.[1] I think he might want to make a film out of this. Up till now, there's no public response to the post.

Uhmm, my question is, what, in your opinion, is the possibility of it getting started?

The first book series appeared in 2003 or so, but since then , it seems that no official film / animation has been produced. I guess it might be because some scene, without proper care taken of, may undergo some kind of censorship, and how the box office will be is still unclear. Therefore, I used to think there's little chance for Warriors to be made into a film.

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