When editing Warriors Translations, I thought if it was possible to build a template or LUA module to provide a more convenient and elegant way for contributors to put on translations of different phrases in various languages. I mean, I wonder if we can build a template so the translations data can go into it, and not only can the template or module then be included or invoked on Warrior Translations to generate a table of translations, but also it can be used on different character and book pages, respectively, to show different translations of the name.

This is only a rudimentary idea, and I hope it will be useful. Anyway, I think I'll work on it whenever I'm free… Maybe on some Wikipedia sandboxes, at the beginning.

Btw, I'm looking forward to VOS#2 ;-)

The Try-out

After a small experiment on Wikipedia:User:CXuesong/Sandbox/Warriors , I think I'll give it a try on this Wikia site.

There's no way to create LUA modules outside the Module namespace so, uhmm... Anyway, hope it won't cause much disturbances.

Get the Ball Rolling

I'm now going to use the templates described above in the Warriors Translations article, and I don't think it's appropriate to include sub-pages of my profile page in an article. However, because it's still not clear whether my attempts are legal here, I will just create the following pages, so all these actions can be reverted if needed.

As for Modules, they might as well be left where they are. Maybe they will either be moved out of the Sandbox or be deleted in the future.


真夜中に( まよなかに)

  • Figure out the attitude of other contributors, including
    • Whether the experiment will cause too much confusion or disturbances
    • Whether the new LUA-based translation module & template facilitate the editing of translations
    • Any more suggestions? Please, let me know your idea.

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