As I've mentioned in User blog:CXuesong/Some suggestions on infobox, there're some templates being changed not long ago, and there's still some time to wait before all the book/character pages have proper format. During this period,

  • If any of you experienced corrupted format of infobox on mobile devices, please try to purge the page you're currently visiting, using the method provided below. You can purge a page either on your PC or on your mobile phone.

After these operations, I suppose you'll see the pages with correct format on the mobile phones. However, The best thing I think you can do now is to wait some time for the server to update the cache by itself. This may take several hours to several days.

How to Purge a Page

As mentioned in the Wikipedia, anyone can request the server to purge a page, and a simple way to do this is to navigate your internet explorer to a special URL. The URL should be in the format

where you should replace page_title with the title of the page you'd like to purge.

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