I have been programmed modules and templates while waiting for other tasks running on my PC, and it turns out those "tasks" are really time-consuming XD

So for now I've setup perquisite modules and these two templates:

They can be used on various articles to show translations. For example the glossary on Warriors Translations is now powered by {{Translation Glossary}}, and I've sneakly (XD) put a {{Translation Table}} on Cat. It seems that everything worked out fine, so now there're two things yet to be done.

Before that, as you can see from the glossary, currently I've placed the terms of following types:

  • Common words: Common Warriors-related words. E.g. cat, apprentice.
  • Series names: Plus Warrior Cats. E.g. The Prophecies Begin.
  • Volume names: E.g. Into the Wild, Fire and Ice.
  • Clan names: E.g. ThunderClan.
  • Locations: E.g. Barley's farm, Fourtrees.
  • Character names: All the names for a Character. (Perhaps including -kits) E.g. Blackfoot, Blackstar.
  • Other translations: Empty for now.

The translation dictionary

Everyone can edit the translation dictionary used by the translation templates. The translation dictionary is written as LUA code. The structure is simple so IMO you can easily edit it.

The translation dictionary module is now placed at Module:Sandbox/CXuesong/Translations/Dictionary .

Before editing the module, you may need to refer to the language tags given on Warriors Translations, though there's a simple guide at the beginning of the module. For a more detailed guide, please refer to User:CXuesong/Translations/Dictionary guide.

After editing the module, you can see the translations shown on Warriors Translations, especially after purging this article. You can find the "Purge" link at the top of glossary. For sake of clarity, only terms with at lease 1 translation will be shown on this article. For all the known terms with 0 or more translations, please refer to User:CXuesong/Translations/All Terms.

If the translation tables don't behave properly after editing the translation dictionary module, and you suspect there's something wrong with it, you can refer to User:CXuesong/Translations/Module status. Warnings will be shown on this page.

I've put up these links on a single page for sake of convenience: User:CXuesong/Translations/Module status

The applying of templates

I've added {{Translation Table}} on Warriors Translations, though you can still use this template everywhere so long as it's appropriate. However, for now I've used {{Translation Table}} only on the very article Cat to test out the template.

So that's the most important part of the blog, the proposal. Technically, you can use {{Translation Table}} on the articles that need such Table of Translations. But till now I still have no idea whether it's appropriate to do so. Anyway, I'll show you how to use this template.

Above all, this is only a proposal.

On an article, let's say, ThunderClan, you can add a section named Translation, after See also and before References and Citations, with the following code

== Translations ==

{{Translation Table|ThunderClan}}

, will give the following result:


All Translations | Edit | Purge

CzechHromový klan
SpanishClan del Trueno
FrenchClan du Tonnerre
LithuanianPerkūno klanas
PolishKlan Gromu
Portuguese (Brazilian)Clã do Trovão
RussianГрозовое племя
Chinese Simplified雷族
Chinese Traditional雷族

Similarly, on the character article, let's say, Firestar, you can use the following code

== Translations ==

{{Translation Table|Rusty|Firepaw|Fireheart|Firestar}}

to get the following result:


All Translations | Edit | Purge

Czech--Ohnivé srdce(Into the Wild) Ohnivous(Fire and Ice)-
SpanishColoradoZarpa de FuegoCorazón de FuegoEstrella de Fuego
FrenchRustyNuage de FeuCœur de FeuÉtoile de Feu
Polish--Ogniste Serce-
Portuguese (Brazilian)FerrugemPata de FogoCoração de FogoEstrela de Fogo
Chinese Simplified拉斯特火掌火心火星
Chinese Traditional羅斯提火掌火心火星

Sometimes, you can simply use

== Translations ==

{{Translation Table}}

to get a translation table for the title of current article. However, please pay attention because the terms are case-sensitive. That is why I couldn't simply use this syntax on Cat, because its title is Cat rather than cat. Instead, I used

== Translations ==

{{Translation Table|cat}}