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CXuesong (talk) 04:15, January 30, 2016 (UTC)

Also a sand box.

CXuesong (talk) 09:16, January 29, 2016 (UTC)


Getting started

As I've mentioned on my profile page, the format of info boxes on most pages on this site seems to be broken on mobile devices. So I decided to look it through whenever I have time.

Here're the snapshots of the same page on my PC with IE11, with desktop and mobile view, respectively. It's obvious the info box on mobile view has something gone wrong, and I've marked these with red rectangles.

File:The Fourth Apprentice Screenshot 1.png
File:The Fourth Apprentice Screenshot 2.png


I copied the info box from The Fourth Apprentice and made some simplifications. Yet the content is still too much...

Okay so I just write another the test code from the scratch.

ref = Template:Book

Then I'll try to view this page both from desktop view and mobile view. Uh oh... Seems the blog pages doesn't have mobile view... Great StarClan, I need a sandbox article page...

So, okay, now I have a sandbox page: User:CXuesong/Sandbox1, and I'll move some code there.

No I've made a mistake. Now the view mode can be switched with the links below #Operations.

But the format seems to be right now, both on the desktop and the mobile view.

Still testing... Till now I don't know why I couldn't reproduce the same problem on my sandbox page: User:CXuesong/Sandbox With Blanks in Title. Though it sounds crazy, maybe I'll try to copy all the content from the page of interest, and see if I can reproduce the problem.

Still cannot reproduce the problem

But the problem does exists. Take a look at this one:

The source code of these two pages are almost the same, except that there's a notice in my sandbox page. And I found out the sandbox version has right format on mobile view, while the original version doesn't. I'm a little bit confused now.

CXuesong (talk) 11:24, January 29, 2016 (UTC)

Take a risk

I've tried to purge the template {{Book}}, which has no use.

So far I've only created sandbox pages as sub pages under User:CXuesong, and these pages has no problem at all. However, all the other pages in the top namespace suffers from the incorrect format (for example, Rileypaw).

I'm going to take a risk.

I've created a template page in the top namespace, i.e. {{This Is a Sandbox Itself}}, and copied all the content of Rileypaw into it, but its mobile view is correct, so still I cannot reproduce the problem here.

CXuesong (talk) 12:18, January 29, 2016 (UTC)

Then there's no other ways except that I create a page in the main namespace, but the risk is that it may disturb other visitors' & site contributors' user-experience. So I won't edit the existing pages, instead, I'll create a new page for testing, with a long title so that others won't easily get there by accident.

Now I'm going to create a page named SB - This Is a Sandbox Page, and copy the source code from Rileypaw.

To administrators:

I'm sorry but I have no other choice. I've created these two pages in the top namespace:

I promise I'll create no more pages in such namespace, and put the {{Delete}} template as soon as I've finished my exploration here.

Ah ha, I've reproduced the problem! (see Sandbox page in mobile view)

CXuesong (talk) 12:44, January 29, 2016 (UTC)

Then I can try to solve it.

Seems that the sandbox page has been automatically moved and redirected to a sub page of my profile page: User:CXuesong/SB - This Is a Sandbox Page. Whatever, from the original link, I can still reproduce the problem, so that doesn't really matter.

Somehow I suspect the problem may be caused by a most commonly-used template.

Finally! I've found out that the problem is caused by the usage of template {{!-}}.

CXuesong (talk) 14:38, January 29, 2016 (UTC)


The references listed below are used to ensure the Reference function properly and are NOT the actual references.

  1. Revealed on the dedication page
  2. Revealed on the book jacket
  3. Revealed on the inside right-flap
  4. Information from