Conclusion: It has been confirmed that Roach means cockroach. See [1].

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Frankly it's totally out of my expectation…

Conclusion#2: I can expect an earlier response on BlogClan than on CakeBook XD

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So now I come across the problem when translating page Roach. As can be found in the dictionary, it can either be cockroach or a type of European fish, so this is the question. I guess many of you might have a better grasp than me, so, would you help me out of this?

Roach in TAS has the meaning of ...

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For now we have reached to a consensus that for kittypets, the names will be translated by English pronunciations, and that for clan cats, loners, and rogues, the names will be translated by their meanings.

So this name might have to be translated by pronunciation, though other wiki translators among us tend to choose "fish" now. We still cannot be sure if Kate really meant this.

I've to say that I have asked Kate on FB, but haven't received any response yet.