• Cherrytail 123

    Ravenpaw was never made a warrior some I tried thinking of some, if you have anymore ideas post them in the comments!

    Ravenfur Ravenclaw Raventail

    and my Favourite; Ravenflight!

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  • Cherrytail 123

    My Favourite Cats

    December 31, 2014 by Cherrytail 123

    Personally, I really like some of the current cats aswell as my own creations... Lilyheart of Thunderclan is very cute and looks adorable. Skyheart of Riverclan is very fancy... Dewpaw is very smart. I liked Seedpaw along side with her sister. But my very top two are Stormcloud and Lilyheart overall- anyone else agree or disagree?

    ||Please no raging at my Opinion, it's only an Opinion||

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