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    *Spoiler Alert*

    This is mainly for all you users who have started, or have read Omen Of The Stars book 5, The Forgotten Warrior. Near the middle of the book, Hollyleaf comes back. Most cats are glad one of their old clanmates are back, but some are a little worried because they don't know what she has been doing in the tunnels. Then they start suspecting Hollyleaf killed Ashfur. (which she did, but only few cats know.) Well, then Brambleclaw jumps in and says it was a complete acident and he watched what happened. Was Brambleclaw really watching Hollyleaf killing Ashfur? If in one of the books, it already said that Brambleclaw knew please refresh my memory! But I'm just wondering, does any one think that Brambleclaw may have seen Hollyleaf …

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