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    Hello, everyone! This is about Firestar's long life. I know he died at the end of The Last Hope, but in my opinion, I think he lived for too long. He first started off as a kittypet in Into The Wild, then he became an apprentice, and got his warrior name, all in the one book. Then in Forest Of Secrets (or Rising Storm, or A Dangerous Path) he became a deputy. And FINALLY, in The Darkest Hour, he became a leader. First thing, I think all of this happened way too fast, but, then again, the timeline of events could be turned if he wasn't made new rankings fast. I know Firestar was an awesome character, but, I think he lived a bit too long. He was the second oldest living cat in ThunderClan (Mousefur lived for 10 years, I think). What do you think …

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