The Following Cats Were Brave, Loyal, And Died Before their Time  

In Memory of Foxleap: You were such a lively kit, an eager apprentice, and a promising warrior. You never could think before you spoke, Foxleap, be it about your clanmates or the weather and sometimes it got you in trouble, but you had a good heart, and we loved you for it anyway. You were loyal to your last breath, defending the clans from The Place Of No Stars. You grieved so when your mother died. We hope you're happy now, reunited with her and your father, and meeting the siblings you never knew. Rest in peace, Foxleap.

 In Memory Of Toadstep: What a ball of energy you were as a kit, Toadstep! It led you into a patch of nettles, to strange cats you didn't know. Fighting always fascinatinated you, a trait you carried to warriorhood, and Lionblaze, the fighter that he was, was your role model. But whether you knew it or not, you were a fierce fighter in your own right, and though you never had powers that protected you, it made you all the braver, charging into battle, knowing what was at stake. Your final struggle was against a bout of Greencough, to which you went down fighting, no doubt. Your mother once said that you thought every hardship was a big adventure. Perhaps death is your next adventure. Rest in peace, Toadstep. 

In Memory Of Icecloud: You and your brother Foxleap were the best of friends.  You were the little darling of the clan with your big blue eyes and soft white fur, though it certainly didn't stop you from getting into mischeif! As you grew older, you developed a crush on Lionpaw, though he never reciprocated your feelings. Despite your disappointment, you did your best put aside your love life and continue your warrior duties.  Your last days were spent in the medicine den, ill, your littermate and mother dead. Be happy in StarClan, Icecloud. We miss you. 

In Memory Of Hazeltail: Though you were not clanborn, you were quickly immersed into the life of ThunderClan, so much you didn't want to leave after the badger attack. You were always a friendly, social cat, and were ecstatic when you and your littermates became warriors. You were industrious as well, and you worked hard to keep your quarantined clanmates comfortable when greencough ravaged the clan. And yet it would be greencough, moons later, that would be responsible for your own untimely death. Rest In Peace, Hazeltail. 

Though you were never the major characters of the series, you all have your own stories there, hidden in the pages. Farewell to you all, and may you find peace and happines in StarClan. We will never forget you.

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