Okay so recently i've been hearing from like 10 million people about a new Warriors manga series based off of the Super editions.... now I'm not sure if anyone besides me ever reads them, but the manga series is pretty good. Now about the manga series I'm not sure if the books are acctually coming out, but it seems pretty interesting.... although I don't know why someone would make a manga series on the Super editions since the books pretty much explain everything.... except of what happens to mapleshade after the super edition involving Crookedstars past, I'm still curious to learn about what happens to her, my theory is that she probally casted out from service in the dark forest and is forced to fend for her self, but what i really wish had happened is that Crookedstar defeated her when he had the chance.... but i guess the Erins dont care about exciting endings.

Sorry if this goes against the essay policies. Darkflame57 18:28, March 16, 2012 (UTC)

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