Hello, HE TRIED TO KILL SOMEONE'S KITS, and let me relay the stupidity of his motives:

So he had a crush on Squirrelflight, ever since she was an annoying apprentice who could never shut up, and loved her deeply, how sweet. 

But OH NO, she likes SOMEBODY ELSE, time to go into depression mode, I mean how could she be so insensitive for liking SOMEBODY WHO'S NOT ASHFUR

Anyways, she settles down with Brambleclaw, who Ashfur really hates because he got the girl that he could never get, how sad..

BUT WAIT! Ok, my dad married my mom a while back, but not for love (It's complicated..), and although she never loved him, he loved her, but then one day she couldn't live with him anymore, so she left, and got a boyfriend, and now he's obviously depressed about this, my dad, and can't bear to even see my mom's boyfriend, but would you think it acceptable if my mom and her boyfriend got married and had kids and my dad killed them so she could "feel the same pain that he felt"? No? Didn't think so..

Ashfur does exactly that, and I don't care how much his pathetic, coniving self loved Squirrelflight, and I don't care how disraught and depressed he became, I think it's moronic that he became all foamy, insane, and homicidal, I mean, if you really love someone you should let him/her go, and put their wishes above your own, and let them be with the one they love.

I watched a show called Chuck, and the main character loses his wife to amnesia, gets a hard-drive that he can use to put information in, so he has a chance to put footage of her life from before on it, but someone threatens to blow up a stadium full of people, and to stop the bomb, he uses the hard-drive, and chooses the people over his wife. I bet someone as selfish as Ashfur wouldn't do that..

So go ahead, try to convince me that Ashfur is innocent, and please use evidence, and intelligible statements, thanks.~

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