Most people may think Nightcloud is so terrible and should never have been with Crowfeather, but when you think about it, what's so terrible about her? Crowfeather may not have ever truly loved her even though he had kits with her, but that's his problem. I consider it this way: Crowfeather is lucky that Nightcloud chose to have kits with him, since he already betrayed his Clan nearly twice. She probably trusted that he would treat their kit(s) like they were his, even though he loved Leafpool. He was the one who wanted to prove himself loyal to his Clan. But he simply thought of Breezepelt, his son, as a trouble-making cat who hates his life. Crowfeather hardly even noticed that the behaviour of his son was his fault. To sum it up, Nightcloud isn't the bad one; it's Crowfeather.

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