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    Before anyone comes bashing on me for being a horrible person for not liking a part of this series, remember this is my opinion, and I do love this series, but this book really made me like it less.
    Expanded version of a review originally posted on Goodreads on January 30, 2015

    I've been reading this series for awhile now, and I loved it, but I've found that the series is starting to go downhill. I actually pre-ordered this book, expecting great things because the last book, The First Battle was phenomenal, but I really didn't like this book. It was exceedingly flat and very annoying.
    To start with the characters. Cherith (one of the authors who writes under the pen name Erin Hunter) is not my favorite Erin. I think it's the way she writes her…

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    Let’s have a look at the facts:

    · He disobeyed Bluestar countless times

    · He always tried to unite the clans(when there was supposed to be 4 clans).

    · He wouldn’t let WindClan solve their problems, by themselves.

    · He didn’t punish Brambleclaw when he found out he and Hawkfrost had been plotting.

    · He accepted loners, kittypets, and cats from other clans into ThunderClan.

    Was Firestar a good leader or was he too soft, post your opinions in the comments.

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