Now we all know the villains of the warriors series. There are many of them, a new villain every so often. We'll start off with the Dark Forest cats. In the original series, the main villain is portrayed as Tigerstar, he is the start of some sort of war, but as the books continue, the plot thickens. Once Scourge is introduced, it is seen that Tigerstar has met his match, but I never thought of Scourge more powerful than Tigerstar. Scourge just had a bad childhood and just planned revenge on Tigerstar since he remembered him as the cat who had attacked him when he was a kit. And like most villains, he held a grudge only to lose before the hero. Kind of sad from the villain's point of view, right? Then Tigerstar goes to the Dark Forest. Later on, we are reintroduced to characters that have been forgotten from previous books. There we find Brokenstar, Thistleclaw, Mapleshade, Hawkfrost, Clawface (anyone ever wondered who would name their kit Clawkit?), Maggottail, Sparrowfeather, Darkstripe, Shredtail, and Snowtuft. Not going to mention Antpelt because I feel bad for him, he really isn't evil, he just was killed and stayed there, I feel bad that he didn't go to StarClan along with his clan and family. Anyway who do you think is the worst of worst? Please leave comments with explanations. This is my first blog so hopefully it fits the standards of a blog and please comment honestly except don't choose Antpelt, he did nothing wrong. My personal opinion would be Brokenstar, what's yours?

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