This is my first blog post, so try not to hate!

Has anyone else compared most of the villians to real life, mainly Tigerstar? Because he was prejuced (dunno if I spelled that right, but whatever) against half-clan and kittypet cats, even though TECHNICALLY, he is half-kittypet himself. Like, Pinestar was his father, right? And Pinestar became a kittypet, so he would be considered half-kittypet...

Is anyone else thinking of Adolf Hitler? He wanted the world to be full of blondes with blue eyes, even though he had dark hair and eyes himself. Like Voldemort, from Harry Potter!

I know that this may be a touchy subject against some people, so I apologize if it offends anyone. Also, in the comments, remember, this is your and yours only opinion. No one can judge you by it (unless you are Tigerstar or Brokenstar himself O.o).

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