Why is it Warrior Names the second? I made a first, but I don't know where it went...........

Anyway, I have the habit of in my spare time, to make up warrior names and their descriptions! I am listing some of them (okay, maybe all of them, don't judge) here. Feel free to use them, but please tell me what you're going to use them for in the comments section below!


Ravenstorm- jet-black tom with broad shoulders, whippy tail and amber eyes

Goldensun- pale ginger she-cat with creamy stripes and yellow eyes

Stonebriar (like the mall in my area)- mottled gray tom with black markings and blue eyes

Leafpad- small, lithe light brown tabby she-cat with white muzzle, chest, paws, and tail tip, and green eyes. Basically another Leafpool.

Mossburn- light brown tom with amber eyes

Firedapple- dappled ginger she-cat with gold-colored flecks and green eyes

Brokenpool- dark brown tabby tom with black flecks and bright blue eyes

Goldtail- huge, jet-black tom with thick, glossy pelt and gold-colored flecks on tail and golden eyes

Rare (like, Moon-stuff, and leader names)-

Moonshadow- silvery-gray she-cat with darker markings and white flecks, dark blue eyes

Thunderblaze- ginger tom with pale stripes, white paws, large ears, and orange eyes

Riverbeeze- pale blue-gray she-cat with snow-white chest, muzzle, paws, and tail tip, dazzling blue eyes

Shadowsneak- smoky gray tom, almost black, white long legs and dark amber eyes- almost red

Skyflight- lithe pale gray she-cat with strong legs and green eyes

Windchaser- wiry dark brown tom with lighter patches, long legs, and dusky amber eyes

Sorry, I'm being pushed to go to bed, school tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll add more tomorrow.

If this is still here...... my blogs have been disappearing for a while now....

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