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    I'm sorry. I have to do this. I have seen so much on how Scourge is so 'misunderstood'. No. I need to say this.

    Scourge is a terrible excuse for a character. He is horribly developed, was just shoved in because the Erins wrote themselves into a corner, and makes a complete mockery of characters that are killers! Now, before you flame me, please read this entire thing.

    1. Tiny and Siblings

    So we all know that Tiny was an adorable little ball of fluff, right? Yes, yes he was. Despite this, his siblings were jerks to him. Now, I've been subject to teasing from siblings (Claire, I swear to god if you bring this up irl...), and I know it's very upsetting. But did I run away from home and become a psychopath? No. I didn't. The only time it reached an…

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