I'm sorry. I have to do this. I have seen so much on how Scourge is so 'misunderstood'. No. I need to say this.

Scourge is a terrible excuse for a character. He is horribly developed, was just shoved in because the Erins wrote themselves into a corner, and makes a complete mockery of characters that are killers! Now, before you flame me, please read this entire thing.

1. Tiny and Siblings

So we all know that Tiny was an adorable little ball of fluff, right? Yes, yes he was. Despite this, his siblings were jerks to him. Now, I've been subject to teasing from siblings (Claire, I swear to god if you bring this up irl...), and I know it's very upsetting. But did I run away from home and become a psychopath? No. I didn't. The only time it reached any extreme was when Ruby talked about kits being thrown in the river. And later on, when he says he'll kill them if they ever set foot in his territory again? What?! I just...I don't even. They're your siblings, for God's sake.

2. Tigers and Trespassing

So Tiny runs away, and ends up in the forest. This is when Tigerpaw, Bluefur, and Thistleclaw show up. Thistleclaw wants Tiny out of the territory, and leaves the decision to Tigerpaw. (Please see the blog done by Berry if you wish to see more on that tiny bit) Tigerpaw launches himself at Tiny, and is about to murder him when Bluefur angrily calls him off. Tiny flees. Now, I can understand how traumatizing this must have been, and I can see why this haunted him for the rest of his life. So what does he do later in life? Oh, yeah.

Rip Tigerstar open in cold blood simply for revenge.


Just. No comment.

3. BloodClan Is Formed

I'm just skipping over how completely ridiculous and dumb their tradition of shoving teeth into collars is. I'm not even gonna comment on how stupid that is. So Tiny goes psycho and murders a cat who laughs at him.

Great idea.

At this point, we haven't seen that Tiny is particularly traumatized. You think he would not want to go near that dog or that group of rogues out of fear it would be the Tigerpaw Incident all over again. But nope. The Erins ignore any anxieties he should have, and have him just slash a cat's throat open.

He shouldn't even be strong enough to do that yet. So Tiny renames himself as Scourge, and this is where I start to really headdesk.

4. Cold Heart

So Scourge does the thing where he gets mad at his siblings. I'm not gonna go into that, I already said something on how stupid it is. At first, Scourge is shown to be some old wise cat (As the Erins continue to ignore the insecurities and anxieties he should have), but then he just turns into a complete psycho. He didn't even appear to have a snapping point.

Can I throw this book across the room yet?

5. STOP! Tigerstar time!

And here go the Erins again with ignoring the fact that Scourge would be overly anxious and insecure. Scourge knows that the tabby Boulder brought is the same cat that nearly killed him. Yet he doesn't express any fear or really any emotion. Can you say terribly unrealistic? Anyway, we fast-forward to Tigerstar's death. Scourge rips him open using super-claws. (How'd he even do what he did with the dogs' teeth anyway what)

Final opinion?

The Rise of Scourge was a horribly written book, and Scourge is a horribly written character. Now, let me get something straight.

"A bad past does not justify someone's actions. However, a past of torture or abuse may turn someone into a monster. That does not mean we can forgive this monster for crimes, but it does mean its mind was distorted enough to commit them." - Me

Did they make Scourge that monster? No. They did it horribly. That is all. Good-flipping-night.

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