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    I know there are already blogs like this, but I'm sick and I need something to do. Sorry if that sounded hostile.

    Note that I'm basically giving what I think the plot outline should/will be like. It's a mix of both, if your extremely bored by it I'll understand.

    I think there will be a time stretch, and Hazeltail will be a queen, and Lilykit and Seedkit will be almost apprentices but not quite, and the three, Ivypool, Firestar, and Hollyleaf all know about the battle and are jumpy trying to prepare, when a fox/dog/badger attacks, (just one) leaving the clan weakened however no one is killed so they are quickly able to recover however one at a time this keeps happening until a cat is killed (like Mousewhisker, Sandstorm, Dustpelt, or Rosepeta…

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