I know there are already blogs like this, but I'm sick and I need something to do. Sorry if that sounded hostile.

Note that I'm basically giving what I think the plot outline should/will be like. It's a mix of both, if your extremely bored by it I'll understand.

I think there will be a time stretch, and Hazeltail will be a queen, and Lilykit and Seedkit will be almost apprentices but not quite, and the three, Ivypool, Firestar, and Hollyleaf all know about the battle and are jumpy trying to prepare, when a fox/dog/badger attacks, (just one) leaving the clan weakened however no one is killed so they are quickly able to recover however one at a time this keeps happening until a cat is killed (like Mousewhisker, Sandstorm, Dustpelt, or Rosepetal) and Firestar loses a life (and is now on his last one).

At the gathering they learn similar things are happening in other clans, and Jayfeather, Dovewing, and Lionblaze all collapse.

They wake up in th dark forest and are attacked, and the battle starts from there.

Her are some other scattered predictions:

One of the three is killed saving the day (I predict Lionblaze).

Briarlight becomes a half medicine cat apprentice (as to take care of sick cats, but is excused from anything that involves leaving cat).

Firestar is thought to be the fourth cat but is killed.

Briarlight is the fourth cat (think how useful that would make her feel)

Dovewing somehow creates peace (obviously)

Ivypool is nearly killed and ends up in StarClan half dead but comes back to life, being guided by Honeyfern, Goldenflower, or one of those minor characters that's been killed.

At least 5 cats from each clan are killed (obvious)

Brambleclaw can't go to the moonpool after Firestar is killed, and is killed himself (I'm harsh I know)

Breezepelt dies.

Leafpool, and Crowfeather reunite and fall in love again, and the clans decide after they've gone through so much pain they can be together, but are less respected.

Sandstorm, Dustpelt, Graystripe, and Brackenfur (if they're still alive) become elders.

Dovewing has kits in an epilogue.

Rowanclaw becomes leader of ShadowClan, Cinderheart ThunderClan, and I don't have predictions for the other clans.

By the epilouge Cherrypaw, Molepaw, Lilykit, and Seedkit (if they haven't died) are warriors.

This might be the last book with any of these cats (since the fifth series centers around ancient cats)

That's it, I know theres a lot and a lot of them are unrealistic but if I have so many at least one of them is bound to come true in some way! xD.

Also if this blog breaks any rules I'm sorry, but I'm bored.

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