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    This blog may contain spoilers from the New Prophecy Series

    I'm sure most of us can agree we've seen the battles between Stormfur and Brambleclaw for Squirrelpaw, even if the quarrels were oblivious for Stormfur and Brambleclaw themselves.

    And i'm almost positive that everybody knows that for some reason Brambleclaw ended up winning.

    But why Brambleclaw? And why not her other tom companions she grew close to on the journey? *Cough*CrowpawandStormfur*Cough*

    Here are my theories between the three choices:


    Okay, I know alot of you don't support this shipping, but look into the details. (Okay, honestly, farther in the series, I hate this shipping...) Squirrelpaw is feisty as we know it, and Brambleclaw is...not. So why does Brambleclaw l…
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