This blog may contain spoilers from the New Prophecy Series

I'm sure most of us can agree we've seen the battles between Stormfur and Brambleclaw for Squirrelpaw, even if the quarrels were oblivious for Stormfur and Brambleclaw themselves.

And i'm almost positive that everybody knows that for some reason Brambleclaw ended up winning.

But why Brambleclaw? And why not her other tom companions she grew close to on the journey? *Cough*CrowpawandStormfur*Cough*

Here are my theories between the three choices:


Okay, I know alot of you don't support this shipping, but look into the details. (Okay, honestly, farther in the series, I hate this shipping...) Squirrelpaw is feisty as we know it, and Brambleclaw is...not. So why does Brambleclaw let Squirrelpaw get to him? Is this a case of opposites atteacting? Are they really opposites?


No. Just no. This shipping is completly wrong! Squirrelpaw is stubborn and...well, i think most of us can agree she gets really agressive and mean sometimes. :\ And then we have Stormfur, the tom who somehow loved her, yes, Stormfur. The loyal, bold, kind and protective tom. Again, opposites attracting? No, that can't be it-- SquirrelXStorm was never meant to be.


I guess somehow I can actually see this one. I mean, they are both apprentices, and they are pretty agressive at times. If FeatherXCrow never happened, I can almsot actually see it. Crowpaw would be lonley, Squirrelpaw would get all buddy-buddy with him, he would snap a bunch, and thens he would finally say somethign agressive that they would finally see eye-to-eye. But theres really nothing to say. ;)
What if Crowpaw fell in love with Squirrelpaw and she died? *Thinks about Crowpaws warrior name* Crowsquirrel. :3

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