Okay, so.. If you don't already know, Squirrelflight and Scourge share the same genetic trait with their white paw. Coincidence? I don't think so. The Erins already gave us our first hint when saying that Scourge and Firestar were related by being half-brothers. It comes to my attention that we don't learn so much Scourge in general when he dies; where did he go? Well, based off of that small detail that the Erins put in to describe Squirrelflight, I believe that Scourge is somehow more connected to Squirrelflight than her sister, Leafpool.

Well, what other physical traits do they share? If you pay a little more closer to their features, then you'll see how they both have torn tips of ears, and small body parts (Squirrelflight has short legs, and Scourge is a short tom overall). For once, I'm very happy to see that the Erins included these diminutive details to inform the reader that something might be going on betweem these two.
Yes, they can just be genetically related and share these appearance traits, but why would the Erins want to remind us of the blood thirsty cat who provoked war that killed plenty? Wouldn't we want to forget that dreadful moment and move on? You're in luck, cause that brings me straight into the personality of Scourge & Squirrelflight!

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