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    Hi! Sorry I haven't edited the wiki much, I've been busy. I'll try to find time to edit it more.

    Anyways, this blog is about Crowfeather, Nightcloud, and Breezepelt. Lets take a look at the characters.


    Of course, it's Crowfeather. Anyone who has read the New Prophecy series and Power of Three series should be farmiliar with him. In Midnight, the first book of the New Prophecy series, I don't think he's that bad. He's a grump, and is pretty obnoxious, but compared to what he does later, he's really not that bad. He does, however, start a relationship with Feathertail, and mourns her when she dies. Later, in the lake territory, he starts making googly eyes at Leafpool. Then, one day, he just goes up to her and says, "Heeeyy, chu want…

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