Hi! Sorry I haven't edited the wiki much, I've been busy. I'll try to find time to edit it more.

Anyways, this blog is about Crowfeather, Nightcloud, and Breezepelt. Lets take a look at the characters.


Of course, it's Crowfeather. Anyone who has read the New Prophecy series and Power of Three series should be farmiliar with him. In Midnight, the first book of the New Prophecy series, I don't think he's that bad. He's a grump, and is pretty obnoxious, but compared to what he does later, he's really not that bad. He does, however, start a relationship with Feathertail, and mourns her when she dies. Later, in the lake territory, he starts making googly eyes at Leafpool. Then, one day, he just goes up to her and says, "Heeeyy, chu want to run away with me?" And Leafpool is like "Oh yeah sure I just randomly love you let's run away together even though that's breaking the warrior code, who cares no one regards the warrior code anymore." XD. An extremely unrealistic relationship. So, yeah. They run away together, then go back to their own clans when they realize where their loyalties lie. I don't even know why they ran away in the first place, but okay. Now, Crowfeather's relationship with Nightcloud. He pretty much only becomes her mate to prove his loyalty. Never does he display any affection torwards Nightcloud. He acts like a complete jerk torwards Nightcloud. And he doesn't care about his son at all. He could have a happy relationship with his mate and son, but he chooses to hate them. I think Crowfeather needs to realize the value of life. Oh, yeah, and then in The Last Hope, he tells his mate (who never did anything wrong) and his son to run away and never come back. Congratulations, Crowfeather! You have officialy succeded in being a jerk! Your a real hero!


A lot of people dislike Nightcloud. Sure, I have to admit, the Erins don't make her a character that's easy to like. But think about it. Why do so many people dislike Nightcloud? I believe that she actually liked Crowfeather, but the way Crowfeather treats her is horrible. He acts like she owes him an apology for something that was entirely his fault. He's the one that broke the warrior code at least three times over, no wonder he lost his clan's trust. And how does he regain their trust? He mates with a she-cat and hates her. Oh, yeah, what a great way to make everyone like you, Crowfeather, what a great way. -.-

Anyways, I'm getting off the topic of Nightcloud. Another thing I noticed about her was her relationship with Breezepelt. She acts over protective of her son, but can anyone blame her? Crowfeather hates them both.

So yeah, I really don't get where all the Nightcloud hatred comes from. If there's anyone to blame, shouldn't it be Crowfeather?


I don't like Breezepelt. I just don't. Yes, he is pretty much abused by his father. I belive it was partly Crowfeather's fault that his son is a jerk. How a parent treats their child certainly affects the personality of that child. But, in the end, it's the child's desicion on what they choose to do. And what did Breezepelt do? He chose to join the Dark Forest because he felt so bad for himself. What the heck!? He could have chosen to become a great warrior despite having an awful father. He could have seen that his father was making bad choices and learn from that. But no, he decided to take his anger out on the clans.


I just wanted to share my thoughts about this unhappy family and who I think is to blame. Please comment and share your thoughts. I will respect your opinion!