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  • Foxstep1

    Mary Sues

    July 11, 2016 by Foxstep1

    Okay, with the debate on is Spottedleaf a Mary-Sue?

    I think no. Why?

    As a young kit, all she ever wanted was to be a medicine cat. She'd never thought she'd fall in love, but she did. And then stupid Clawface killed her and she got separated from Firestar. Then Sandstorm took Firestar away, and now Spottedleaf's only connection is sharing dreams.

    Now, people call her a stalker, mary-sue, only a few scenes then in love, should die....what?

    She has no choice because Sandstorm snatched Firestar away and she's dead so that's her only connection.

    How is she a Mary Sue? She didn't get Firestar. Sandstorm did. Clawface killed her

    Oh, a few scenes, then in love? Well, Leafpool and Crowfeather talked two times, and are in love, so people are like "Leaf…

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  • Foxstep1


    June 9, 2016 by Foxstep1

    Hey ^-^

    I started a newspaper in a different wiki; and my friend her own in another.

    Should Warriors Wiki have one? I mean, we have many news and updates going on, and people could read about all types of information!

    There could be a news team making this and anyone could join so, just one question. Do you guys agree?

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  • Foxstep1

    Art Theft solution

    May 19, 2016 by Foxstep1

    Hey hey hey guyssssss

    So, I have seen soooo many art thefts, so I was thinking of making a forum to have people recite ideas to fix the problem and/or prevent it?

    I probably should not have advertised that but just hope that people are aware of this discussion

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  • Foxstep1

    So, here's an article on our DOTC cat and mate of Jagged Peak, Holly.

    Holly was introduced. I found myself liking her character. She seemed very confident and helped Jagged Peak, making him feel worthwhile. I instantly began shipping them and Holly finally was expecting kits. Though, in my opinion, it was rushed slightly.
    This is where I start loathing her. Getting in between Quiet Rain, and Jagged Peak. She was so rude to poor Quiet Rain, and downright accused her of being a bad mother. Seeing her own kits' behavior to guests, it's not such a surprise her accusation was ironic, wasn't it?
    In MFV, she taunted Mothflight for needing alone time? Hello? If she didn't have alone time, you would not even have a Medicine Cat, Holly. And plus, she n…

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  • Foxstep1

    Jessy. That "bold, sparkling" kittypet who won Bramblestar's heart. So, when she first came, she snapped at Bramblestar to leave her alone. But, a few seconds later she is getting between mate defending him. How is this possible? They JUST met. She JUST made it clear she was going to be hostile. Why rush? And WHY get in between two cats who have been through so much together?

    The nest moving thing was AWKWARDDDDDD

    Tl;dr: I hate her :/

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