So, here's an article on our DOTC cat and mate of Jagged Peak, Holly.

Holly was introduced. I found myself liking her character. She seemed very confident and helped Jagged Peak, making him feel worthwhile. I instantly began shipping them and Holly finally was expecting kits. Though, in my opinion, it was rushed slightly.
This is where I start loathing her. Getting in between Quiet Rain, and Jagged Peak. She was so rude to poor Quiet Rain, and downright accused her of being a bad mother. Seeing her own kits' behavior to guests, it's not such a surprise her accusation was ironic, wasn't it?
In MFV, she taunted Mothflight for needing alone time? Hello? If she didn't have alone time, you would not even have a Medicine Cat, Holly. And plus, she needed alone time to regenerate or else she would have not saved the clans.

She and Jagged Peak are a good match. They are both whiny, self-centered weirdoes. Except for self-centered for Holly. She's obsessive over Jagged Peak and spoils her kits then blames a poor she cat. Mouse brain.

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