Okay, with the debate on is Spottedleaf a Mary-Sue?

I think no. Why?

As a young kit, all she ever wanted was to be a medicine cat. She'd never thought she'd fall in love, but she did. And then stupid Clawface killed her and she got separated from Firestar. Then Sandstorm took Firestar away, and now Spottedleaf's only connection is sharing dreams.

Now, people call her a stalker, mary-sue, only a few scenes then in love, should die....what?

She has no choice because Sandstorm snatched Firestar away and she's dead so that's her only connection.

How is she a Mary Sue? She didn't get Firestar. Sandstorm did. Clawface killed her

Oh, a few scenes, then in love? Well, Leafpool and Crowfeather talked two times, and are in love, so people are like "LeafXCrow is Cute but FireXSpotted is stupid I don't get some people's logic.

Why? Why should she die? She never got anything she wanted. It was all snatched away The final thing taken away is her StarClan life by Mapleshade. I really want her reincarnated and have a wonderful life.


Foxey Whispers and enchantments 00:59, July 11, 2016 (UTC)

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