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  • Frogpath

    So, I was scrolling through the wiki, when I realized that Dark Whiskers, Lion's Roar father, was black, and Lionblaze, Lion's Roar's reincarnation, had a dark-gray father, who was said his pelt color was 'almost black'. Also, like Lionblaze's mother, Leafpool, Lion's Roar's mother Shy Fawn was a brown cat (albeit Leafpool's a tabby) with amber eyes!

    Dove's Wing's parents, Falling Rain and Falcon Swoop, had no descriptions, sadly, so nothing could be verified there.

    And since Dove's Wing was his sister, the same for Jay's Wing.

    I then looked for personality likeness in Dark Whiskers and Crowfeather, and Shy Fawn and Leafpool. I found that when they casted the stones, Dark Whiskers wanted to leave and Shy Fawn wished to stay, like when Crowfea…

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  • Frogpath

    Hailstar: Power Hungry?

    March 22, 2012 by Frogpath

    I was reading Crookedstar's Promise, when I read that Hailstar wanted some of ThunderClan's forest!

    How greedy can he be? They were RiverClan, and as voiced by some of his own warriors: "What would we do with forest?" RiverClan! They can't hunt in the forest with all the undergrowth and thronbushes, and I don't know if they can even climb trees!

    He might have, like Crookedjaw said, been trying to cheer the Clan up after Brightsky's death, and her kits' deaths, but he should have made sure that all the Clan was okay with it, because it wasn't nessacary! Owlfur, Crookedjaw, and someone else I can't remember had the sense to think: Why do we need forest if we can't hunt in it?

    The fact that the battle patrol came back bleeding and defeated didn't he…

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  • Frogpath

    I already did a blog about half-siblings, but now it's time for Tigerstar's daughters. A lot of people said which she-cat they like better in the Hawkfrost vs. Brambleclaw blog, so I have an idea of who likes who.

    • Daughter of Goldenflower
    • Sister of Brambleclaw
    • ShadowClan
    • Went on journey to find new home
    • Born in ThunderClan
    • Alive

    • Golden Tabby
    • Daughter of Sasha
    • Sister of Hawkfrost
    • RiverClan
    • Medicine Cat
    • Born as rogue
    • Alive

    My favorite is.......Tawnypelt.

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  • Frogpath

    I remember Thrushpelt had a crush on Bluestar, and I wondered what would happen if she made him her mate instead of Oakheart.

    • Bluestar wouldn't have disobeyed the Warrior Code
    • She might have had less grief

    • Since she couldn't give them to someone else, Thistleclaw might have become deputry then leader
    • Mistystar and Stonepelt would never have been born
    • Mistystar would never become leader
    • Feathertail and Stormfur might have died (Stonepelt died for them at TigerClan's ((Modern)) camp)
    • Reedwhisker would never have been born

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  • Frogpath

    I was thinking on a hike. Why haven't we seen coyotes in the old territory? I have thought of some reasons.

    • Too close to Two-legs
    • Not enough territory
    • Not enough prey (between them, hawks, badgers, the Clans, and foxes)

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