So, I was scrolling through the wiki, when I realized that Dark Whiskers, Lion's Roar father, was black, and Lionblaze, Lion's Roar's reincarnation, had a dark-gray father, who was said his pelt color was 'almost black'. Also, like Lionblaze's mother, Leafpool, Lion's Roar's mother Shy Fawn was a brown cat (albeit Leafpool's a tabby) with amber eyes!

Dove's Wing's parents, Falling Rain and Falcon Swoop, had no descriptions, sadly, so nothing could be verified there.

And since Dove's Wing was his sister, the same for Jay's Wing.

I then looked for personality likeness in Dark Whiskers and Crowfeather, and Shy Fawn and Leafpool. I found that when they casted the stones, Dark Whiskers wanted to leave and Shy Fawn wished to stay, like when Crowfeather and Leafpool ran away together. Crowfeather wanted to keep going, but Leafpool wanted to go back to ThunderClan.

My question: Am I making connections where there aren't any?

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