We're all hoping Firestar's dying soon, right? He's been leader through 3 series! We all know of his past love, Spottedleaf, and his current love, Sandstorm. If they both die, who will get his affections? Or will both?


  • First Love
  • Had mild depression when she was killed.
  • Couldn't get over her for very, very long time
  • Sandstorm was obnoxious as an apprentice to him, whereas Spottedleaf was nice to him for his entire Clan life
  • Has helped him many times


  • Mother of his kits
  • Spottedleaf was a medicine cat
  • Seems to be his true love
  • Has defended him loyally
  • Reassures him

Well, I don't know. Honestly, some of those aren't very good reasons (XD) but they're the only ones I could think of. I'm not sure if past ranks matter in StarClan, but,hey, you never know. I honestly hope both, becuase my feelings toward Sandstorm have mellowed since Spottedleaf's death and Sandstorm's flirting with Fireheart. What are your opinions, fellow wikiers?

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