I was reading Crookedstar's Promise, when I read that Hailstar wanted some of ThunderClan's forest!

How greedy can he be? They were RiverClan, and as voiced by some of his own warriors: "What would we do with forest?" RiverClan! They can't hunt in the forest with all the undergrowth and thronbushes, and I don't know if they can even climb trees!

He might have, like Crookedjaw said, been trying to cheer the Clan up after Brightsky's death, and her kits' deaths, but he should have made sure that all the Clan was okay with it, because it wasn't nessacary! Owlfur, Crookedjaw, and someone else I can't remember had the sense to think: Why do we need forest if we can't hunt in it?

The fact that the battle patrol came back bleeding and defeated didn't help. If it was his strategy to cheer the Clan up that way, he only made it worse!

Hailstar, before, had stolen Willowkit and Graykit from Reedfeather! I think that Reedfeather took those kits fair and square. He was the father, and Fallowtail didn't really do anything to keep them, she basically gave them to him! Poor Reedfeather! He got his precious kits, then who should come barging in and stealing them? Hailstar!

I was ready to throw the book at the wall at that point. I couldn't wait to see Hailstar die, though I would feel bad for Echomist.

I started to think that he might be in a state of panic for all of the deaths and defeats, and is starting to slowly go insane, like Bluestar.

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