• I live in Home
  • My occupation is Mac and cheese and fried chicken champ eater and full time glameow
  • I am Im busy reading my warrior books Shoo! oh and im a female
  • Glameowleader

    Helps take care of kits, Increase the number of thunderclan cats

    • She mooches in the nursery all day long
    • She eats the clans prey
    • She Whines about everything
    • She Insults brightheart ( Daisy is immature in my head )
    • She Endangers warriors that try to protect her
    • She tries to get cloudtail to love her and have kits when he already mated ( another insult to poor brightheart)
    • We already have ferncloud Why do we need ANOTHER useless cat ( ok, at least ferncloud sometimes hunts )

    ‚ÄčOk see my point? she only is a burden to the clan. I hope she leaves If she does she better thank the clan.

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