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  • Graycloud2

    Best ThunderClan Leader

    October 29, 2014 by Graycloud2

    Hi there! Haven't done a blog in a while. I know some people already made blogs about which leader they think that's best, but I still wanted to one (Only with ThunderClan). The leaders that I'll be talking about are Pinestar, Sunstar, Bluestar, Firestar and Bramblestar. Thunder will not be included since at this point there is no book with him being a leader. Other TC leaders won't be included either, since they were only either mention by name or seen for very short time in one on the Guides. Let's begin.

    Basically, the moment I started first reading for Bluestar's Prophecy for the first time, I was not too impressed by him. Even before he left his Clan, I found him as a weak leader. When he attacked WindClan, I was honestly bothered by the…

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  • Graycloud2

    Hello everyone! This is Gray. I'm here to show you my opinions on Firestar, both as a cat and as a leader. Let's start with:

    Ever since Firestar became a warrior at the end of Into the Wild, you can tell how much he cares about ThunderClan. He wants to prove that Redtail was not killed by Oakheart but Tigerstar, he is very worried when Bluestar loses her 8th life and how furious he is with Graystripe when he is breaking the Warrior Code by seeing Silverstream. He has, of course, broken the Warrior Code a few times as an apprentice, but those are the usual mistakes that every cat does once in a lifetime.And as of the end of Fire and Ice, I though he would make a great leader one day.

    But when Fire and Ice ended, it all went down from there.


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  • Graycloud2

    Hello everyone. This is Gray. I have decided to come up with a new blog every so often, even tough probably not many people will read it. But I want to show everyone my opinion on certain things, and I'm going to start with Leafstar and SkyClan.

    -is pathetic. One of the worst leaders ever, in my option. She is a good cat, but a very bad leader. She is ignoring almost every rule of the warrior code. I have nothing against taking in loners,rouges and kittypets (and it's the only option left to make SkyClan strong), I'm even fine with letting cats keep their names, bacause names and origins don't really matter. If you've read my first blog (which I wanna delete, it's really embarasing) you'll see that I'm frustrated with daylight warriors. It …

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  • Graycloud2

    The fire in the reeds

    November 30, 2013 by Graycloud2

    I'm creating this blog to discuss the burning reed in RiverClan territory that told Jayfeather to go look for Flametail. Now, first of all, I want to start with :

    Some of you might be surprised by this, but I think that it was Bluestar.


    Bluestar seemed to know who the Fourth is, probably because she remembred how he was the cat in the Fire will save the Clan prophercy, and probably sent the sign in RiverClan territory because she knew Mothwing would go and fetch Jayfeather because of it. I mean, she said that the Clan never needed to be saved from danger than it does now.

    However, there is one other cat that I think could've sent that sign. And that cat is Brambleberry.

    She didn't the fact that StarClan was divided. And she tried to tell J…

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  • Graycloud2

    That is a stupid idea,because if there is an attack in the middle of the night and there isn't enough warriors to defend it they would be sleeping curled up in their nests while their Clanmates are dying.And Echosong even took a daylight warrior for an apprentice.Well,thats one of the worse ideas I've ever seen.I'd at least think will she would be able to help her Clanmates at any time.What do you think?

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