Hi there! Haven't done a blog in a while. I know some people already made blogs about which leader they think that's best, but I still wanted to one (Only with ThunderClan). The leaders that I'll be talking about are Pinestar, Sunstar, Bluestar, Firestar and Bramblestar. Thunder will not be included since at this point there is no book with him being a leader. Other TC leaders won't be included either, since they were only either mention by name or seen for very short time in one on the Guides. Let's begin.


Basically, the moment I started first reading for Bluestar's Prophecy for the first time, I was not too impressed by him. Even before he left his Clan, I found him as a weak leader. When he attacked WindClan, I was honestly bothered by the fact that he attacked them without second thoughts. I don't care if a medicine cat told him to do so or not; a good leader has to think twice before doing something. He is shown to be quite insecure of his decisions- even tough he was probably a leader for a while by then. Pinestar was doing what his some senior warriors wanted him to do- which may not necessarily always be a bad decision, but a leader needs to trust his own instincts- he needs to have confidence. Pinestar lacks both of this.

This has resulted in something tragic- the death of a good and valubale warrior. And I don't doubt that it was long after that that Pinestar started visiting the Twolegplace. Now, I am not that bothered by him wanting to become a kittypet- if he was ready to live with that decison. He was not- he even wanted Lionheart to tell the Clan that he's dead- just because he was afraid of what his Clan would think about him. This is a cowardly move.

In conclusion: This cat is a very poor leader, perhaps the worst ThunderClan leader ever. He does not have confidence in his decisons, he takes advatage of being a leader to not be asked why he just disappears and then comes back smelling like catmint, he leaves his mate and kits saying it's 'for the best' ... This cat is an awful warrior, let alone leader. So yeah, I don't like him and I don't have any respect for him.


Now he is what I call a good leader. He has to be one of my all-time favourite leaders. Unlike his precedor, he has everything a good leader needs. confidence, skills and a clear thinking. He told Bluepaw to stop whining and hating everyone after her mother's death, but still giving her a few more days to recover. He managed to get a Clan to give ThunderClan back a part of their territory by simply threating them. How many leaders did that?  When I read that part in BP, you bet I got a lot of respect for him.

He is a very good leader- he knows how to lead a Clan. He always thought twice before doing something, and he always kept his head cool- something a leader must have. They're the ones that the Clan looks up at. If the leader's calm, so will be the Clan (mostly). If the leader starts freaking out, the Clan will freak out even more. He is sympathetic, but honest. When Bluestar started ignoring Whitekit when he needed her most, Sunstar told her he understands she misses her sister, but tells her that Whitekit is her family and that he needs her (He only had Thistleclaw left at that point, and he is not the best role model for a young kit if you ask me).

In conclusion: He gave eight lives to his Clan, and he was loyal to it untill the very end. He was a great leader who knew how to lead a Clan (Unlike some other leaders). He is undoubtly my favourite ThunderClan leader, and one of my most favourite Warriors characters ever.


So yeah, Bluestar... I am not too crazy about her. In the begining of the Original Arc., she was not bad and I actually liked her. But after Forest of Secrets, she went psycho over what one cat did. I can understand why would the betrayal of your own deputy shock you and make you suspicious, but she was overreacting. She trusted probably just two cats. While I can understand her suspicion about Darkstripe, Longtail and Dustpelt, she had no valid reason to believe that the rest of her Clan are crazy murderers.

In BP, this scenarion repeated. She locked herself in and shut everyone else out because they continued living. Bluestar's decisions affected not only her Clan, but her family too. First she was just moaning and sitting in the camp when her mother died and hated her entire Clan for moving on, and a similar thing happened when Snowfur died. Also, while Bluestar does have some resaons to believe that Thistleclaw shouldn't be leader, she couldn't possibly know that he would slaughter the entire Clan. She gave up her kits because of something that didn't nessecarily have to happen. My opinion of her did not get any better as during this book.

In conclusion: I believe that, while Bluestar is not that awful as a leader, and actually made some good decisions during her leadership, she was nowhere near good. She lets her emotions take the best of her, and that put her Clan in danger.


He is an awful leader. I've already made a blog about him, so you can check that out if you want a detailed explanation on why he is not a good leader. While Firestar has good intentions, some of those intentions are a threat to his Clan. No wonder why ThunderClan isn't too popular with other Clans when Firestar was constantly sticking his nose into somebody else's business. It's good to help other Clans when they really need it, but Firestar was trying to help them with small problems. Onestar's getting so much hate for not wanting Firestar to keep going in and out of his territory to warn him about something that wouldn't really be much threat to WindClan. Have you ever met a person who always wants to help you when you know that you don't need their help? You start to feel pressured and annoyed. That's exactly what Firestar did. I can't say I blame Onestar for being hostile to TC. He wasn't exactly popular in WC, and with Firestar sticking his nose into everything Onestar does, I can't blame him for not wanting to be best friends anymore. He was now a Clan leader, he needed to focus soley on WindClan. Firestar should've done the same with ThunderClan.

In conclusion: I think that pretty much all of you realize that I am not too crazy about Firestar. He is a cool character, but not a good leader. He should've focused more on his own Clan, and mind his own business.


I will write this soon, after I read BS