I'm creating this blog to discuss the burning reed in RiverClan territory that told Jayfeather to go look for Flametail. Now, first of all, I want to start with :

Which StarClan cat sent that sign in the first place?

Some of you might be surprised by this, but I think that it was Bluestar.


Bluestar seemed to know who the Fourth is, probably because she remembred how he was the cat in the Fire will save the Clan prophercy, and probably sent the sign in RiverClan territory because she knew Mothwing would go and fetch Jayfeather because of it. I mean, she said that the Clan never needed to be saved from danger than it does now.

However, there is one other cat that I think could've sent that sign. And that cat is Brambleberry.

She didn't the fact that StarClan was divided. And she tried to tell Jayfeather to make StarClan see it was wrong. Since she hadn't had any powers, there was not much she could do. But she could do one thing. Sent that sign. The sign was in RiverClan territory, after all.

What was that sign acctually about?

I know you probably think that I'm crazy because it's obvious it's about finding Flametail.

But is it really?

I tought it was too, untill Jayfeather thought this : The fire in the reeds. Always fire. What if it meant that Firestar was the Fourth cat? Or, which I think is the right answer, meant both that Firestar was the Fourth and that Jayfeather had to find Flametail? Or something else....?

What do you think? Plese no rude comments.

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