Hello everyone. This is Gray. I have decided to come up with a new blog every so often, even tough probably not many people will read it. But I want to show everyone my opinion on certain things, and I'm going to start with Leafstar and SkyClan.

Leafstar's leadership

-is pathetic. One of the worst leaders ever, in my option. She is a good cat, but a very bad leader. She is ignoring almost every rule of the warrior code. I have nothing against taking in loners,rouges and kittypets (and it's the only option left to make SkyClan strong), I'm even fine with letting cats keep their names, bacause names and origins don't really matter. If you've read my first blog (which I wanna delete, it's really embarasing) you'll see that I'm frustrated with daylight warriors. It is really stupid. If she was letting them stay for some time, quater moon or so,so they can see how it is to be a warrior, but not leaving their kittypet life, and after a quater moon telling them they must decide, that would be fine with me. But no, she tells them :Oh no, of course you can be both kittypet and a warrior, why not? It's not like we'll need you at night or that your collars are scaring the prey away.

I'm pretty sure that if Onestar and Blackstar saw what a mess is SkyClan, they'd definitly stop mumbling about how ThunderClan isn't pure-blood anymore and itc. Anyways, I am also very annoyed by the fact that the real warriors end up like bad guys in SkyClan's Destiny. It really isn't fair for them that  kitty-warriors can do the same things they do, but sleep in warm Twoleg dens. And kitty-warriors are really selfish wanting the best from both worlds. They complained all the time about Stick and his squad and that they can't see any ceremonies. But that's what you get when you live with a paw in two worlds.

And choosing Frecklewish to be the medicine cat apprentice? ARE BOTH LEAFSTAR AND ECHOSONG OUT OF THEIR MINDS?! SkyClan needs a medicine cat that can be there all the time. What if a queen starts kitting in the middle of the night? What if there's a battle at night? HOW IN THE NAME OF DARK FOREST IS SHE GOING TO HELP HER CLANMATES AT NIGHT IF SHE'S SLEEPING IN HER WARM TWOLEG NEST?! IS ANYONE BOTHERE BY THIS?!

Why should Sharpclaw be the leader instead

He understands the importance of the good of the Clan, and would be able to fix the mess Leafstar made. He isn't afraid to show his teeth, and yes, he is maybe to quick to jump into fight, but he's an expirienced warrior and knows how to lead a Clan.

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