Hello everyone! This is Gray. I'm here to show you my opinions on Firestar, both as a cat and as a leader. Let's start with:

Firestar as a Warrior

Ever since Firestar became a warrior at the end of Into the Wild, you can tell how much he cares about ThunderClan. He wants to prove that Redtail was not killed by Oakheart but Tigerstar, he is very worried when Bluestar loses her 8th life and how furious he is with Graystripe when he is breaking the Warrior Code by seeing Silverstream. He has, of course, broken the Warrior Code a few times as an apprentice, but those are the usual mistakes that every cat does once in a lifetime.And as of the end of Fire and Ice, I though he would make a great leader one day.

But when Fire and Ice ended, it all went down from there.

In the Forest of Secrets, he finds out that RiverClan is starving and decides to give them some of ThunderClan's prey. And that was not a small, beginner mistake every cat does sometimes. No. That might've been kind of him and Graystripe, but their own Clan had to come first. And at this point, he and Graystripe were old enough to understand that that would've ended up pretty badly. I decided to ignore Graystripe, as I beleive that at that times his judgement was clouded by his love for Silverstream (I'll be writing another blog which will include this later). But Firestar was, as it was proven many times later in the series, always very soft and way too sympathetic for the sake of ThunderClan. This continued when he decided to keep the fact that Cinderpelt had been giving medical treatment to two ShadowClan cat- this was, however, also a mistake from Cinderpelt's side (Even tough it didn't end up with anyone dying, that could have very easily happened)- and when he ignored that Darkstripe tried to take Tigerstar's kits to him and deciding to give him a second chance he did not deserve, as he clearly showed where his true loyalties lie.

But what about him rebuilding SkyClan?

Firestar and SkyClan

Firestar, what were you thinking?

I was so, so excited when I got Firestar's Quest from Amazon. And when I read it, I found about at least a dozen mistakes.

You know, I wouldn't have any trouble with Firestar rebuilding SkyClan if he actually had a good reason to do so. But he didn't. He left the Clan to whom he was a Clan leader to rebuild some long-lost Clan and the reason was what? Oh, an old Clan leader of that Clan wanted him to do so. Bluestar told him that that was a bad idea, and did he listen? No. Sure he doubted if he should or should not go, but we've never seen him stating that that idea was mad and that Cloudstar should let him live his life in ThunderClan, as his loyalties are only to ThunderClan. Oh, and how did he get convinced to do this? Silverstream explained him that you shoudn't always follow the Warrior Code or something like that and uses hers and Graystripe's relationship as an exaple (As much as I love this couple, I think that they are not a good example). At this point, I'd compare this book to Oksa Pollock series (Where they actually have a good reason to return to Edefia, and not because someone tells them to do what they think is right and using their forbidden relationship as an example). Would a good Clan leader do that? No.

And now, let's move onto his treatment of the cats who have broken the Warrior Code...

Firestar and ThunderClan Code Breakers

Is anyone being punished for breaking the Code? When Holly, Jay and Lion decided to go catch foxes when they were kits, they recieved no punishment whatsoever. Nor did Leafpool for having kits with a WindClan tom. Nor did Berrynose when he sneaked out of the camp and thanks to that got his tail cut in half. I'm not saying everyone should get a huge punishment for every single mistake they did, but you can't pretend that nothing happened.

Good Decisions

Bringing Millie, Daisy, Cloudtail and Purdy into the Clan was good. Daisy and Purdy are not warriors, but they help with the kits and are helpful. Trying to convince Graystripe to stop seeing Silverstream was good. Not wanting to fight because of every single little detail is good (Altough he seems to not want to fight because of anything). So yeah, that's about it.


Firestar was a bad leader, in my opinion. He was a very good cat, true, and I do like him a s a charachter, but not as a leader.

So, anyone wants to discus? Please no rude coments and remember that this is only my opinion.