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  • Hawkmask121

    Hi there. Beware, spoilers below.

    Anyways, I've always had a thought: In SkyClan's Destiny, the Daylight warriors have names that start with some kind of kittypet name.

    • Harveymoon
    • Billystorm
    • Ebonyclaw
    • Frecklewish

    So, I was thinking, wouldn't it be easy to figure out their kittypet names, whether they have a citation or not? I find that it is quite easy to figure out, using logic.

    • Harveymoon's kittypet name would be Harvey.
    • Billystorm's would be Billy.
    • Ebonyclaw's would be Ebony.
    • Frecklewish's would be Freckle.

    So just because there's no cite, can't we assume (even though we aren't supposed to make assumptions) that those are their kittypet names? I think it's quite obvious, seen as I doubt older Clan cats use these prefixes to name warriors.


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  • Hawkmask121

    I'm not sure if this complies with the Blog Policy and what not, but I have noticed that only Elders get ticks.

    I'm sure that kits, queens, warriors, apprentices, etc. get ticks as well, but it is only shown that Elders get ticks. I know they have fleas and all, but ticks are a different story. It has never been noted that a cat any status other than an Elder has a tick(s). This sort of confuses me, asd I am positively sure that other cats get ticks and all. The apprentices remove ticks from Elders, but wouldn't they get a few ticks from hunting or training? (same with any other Clan cat status)

    I understand for the Tribe cats that they don't really get them because they live on stone. But seriously, a cat has to get a tick and all. 22:02, M…

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  • Hawkmask121

    Blackstar's Lives

    April 6, 2013 by Hawkmask121

    I've been thinking about this for a while now; I sort of think that in The Last Hope Blackstar couldn't have lost his first life there. He's been leader of ShadowClan since The Darkest hour. He's like, nine years old and he only lost one life, which is pretty wierd.  Firestar was younger and he lost all of his lives, but I understand that he's done more than Blackstar. The Erins never really focused on ShadowClan, besides Yellowfang's Secret and Night Whispers.

    However, on the Leader page it says they can die of old age nine times if they don't loose any of their lives. I swear he must have lost more lives than that! 18:57, April 6, 2013 (UTC)

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