Hello everyone, I´m Highstar (Leader of Nobleclan) and today I´m gonna ask the opinion of all of you.

What´s your favorite warrior cats leader and why?

For me, it´s Tallstar, indeed. Why? Because he was brave, loyal, kind and he always lived or at least tried to live on the warrior code, he was not amibitious, he didn´t wanted to take all five clans, he didn´t break the warrior code, he never killed a cat by wish and when his father was killed, he

tried to do all posible things to avenge him. And finally, my best argument: HIS PHRASE: He said this:

"I promise you all that I will lead WindClan with the fierce devotion of a father and the pure love of a mother. Nothing matters more to me than making WindClan strong so that future generations may live with dignity and peace. Every cat I have known— Every cat I have loved has taught me the meaning of friendship and the unbending power of the warrior code."
— Tallstar to StarClan in Tallstar's Revenge, page 502

That´s my opinion. ;)

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