What is the Main Reason Mapleshade is Considered 'Evil'

The main reason Mapleshade is considered evil in most people's views is that she did some bad things, like mating Appledusk, and let's include killing Ravenwing [the current medicine cat] at the Moonstone.

Why She is Considered 'Evil'

File:Download (1).jpeg

In the above photo it may seem to be holding an evil, bloodthirsty code-breaker Mapleshade, but as you can see in the photos below this one she suffered considerable loss and pain. She lost her kits to the river, okay? Then she lost Appledusk to Reedshine. She suffered from her losses, resulting in pain (and possibly heartbreak).

File:The demise of mapleshade s kit by cascadingserenity-d54q0lo.png


As you can hopefully see in these three pics above, they all involve her in some kind of pain. The first one involves Mapleshade and one of her kits. The kit is wailing, and Mapleshade has a look of wild fury?/panic. The second has Mapleshade looking at the river (and possibly a kit) with tears in her eyes and she is probably crying something, which has a good chance of being one of her kits' names. In the third one, she is laying down in sorrow with a sad expression. The words in the pic might be too small for viewers to see, so what she is saying is "Can you imagine what it feels like? To be a loner when all you tried to do was love?"

She is feeling pain and sorrow in all three, and her heart is probably shattering into tinier and tinier pieces the more pain she encounters.

She is considered evil because what she did was bad. But if you have read Mapleshade's Vengeance sometime in your life, you may consider seeing Mapleshade the way I do.

Important Relationships

The River

She felt heartbreak when crossing the river because that was when her kits got swept away in the river. It doesn't involve her Dark Forest thingy as much as the Appledusk thing and the Ravenwing thing, but it is a good part of why. She loved her kits so very much, so she felt a lot of pain.


Appledusk is part of the reason she was sent to the Dark Forest. Her kits were half-Clan, but that doesn't matter as much right now. See, Appledusk was from RiverClan, and she was from ThunderClan, so her mating Appledusk was against the warrior code. Oh, and her heart broke even more when Appledusk shunned her away and loved Reedshine, which is why Mapleshade hates Shellheart. He separated from her and loved Reedshine although he had promised Mapleshade he woudn't love anybody other than her.


Perchpaw is like a good fat mouse when it comes to the subject we're discussing here. This is because Perchpaw found Mapleshade and gave her the wounds that would eventually cause her death and arrival in the Dark Forest.


Ravenwing was also part of the reason she went to the Dark Forest because sometime after she was exiled from RiverClan she snuck up on him at the Moonstone and killed him. This was because Ravenwing found her, her kits, and Appledusk by the river and told Oakstar. The result was that she was exiled from ThunderClan, and also the reason her kits died.

A Simpler Explanation

A simpler explanation is that she mated a RiverClan tom, Ravenwing found her and the tom with the kits by the river, she was exiled from her Clan, she was exiled from the tom's Clan, she killed Ravenwing at the moonstone, sometime around she was wounded by Perchpaw, and some time later she died and joined the Dark Forest. Mapleshade isn't bad, people!


There we have it, people. Mapleshade is bad because of what she did. If she had made better choices she could have made it to StarClan. And for those of you out there who consider Mapleshade 'evil', rethink your opinions because she wasn't bad herself, she just made bad choices. Bye for now! Thank you for reading. Maplesilver - Leaves are falling