• Hollytail

    Sandstorm's Mother

    February 27, 2010 by Hollytail

    O.K., I'm not trying to cause an argument, but Sandstorm's mother is not Brindleface. Read page 225 of Into the Wild. So, who could her mother be? No matter what I believe, I've been trying to use logic to figure that out. I posted this question on the Questions for Erin Hunter section on the official site (is it only the family trees that are incorrect, or the ENTIRE site? After all, these questions on that forum will be answered by Erin Hunter...) The only options that I see (and evidence supporting) are:

    1. Goldenflower-she DOES seem to hold Goldenflower in high esteem, and brings her up in Code of the Clans, possibly signifying that they are kin. They also look alike, and Star Clan knows that she didn't get her looks from Redtail :)
    2. Frostfu…

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